Manicure Pedicure

Our hands and feet are essential to completing most tasks of everyday life. For example, when you give a presentation, your nails will be on full display pointing and gesturing. Keeping your nails clean and presentable should be a high priority. At Luxury Nails and Spa, we’ll make those nails shiny, pretty, and strong.

Luxury Nails and Spa’s manicure and pedicure service is one of the most popular beauty services we offer. Clients and friends come together to get a “mani-pedi” and get their feet and hands done at the same time for the ultimate pampering experience. A manicure or pedicure will help the skin exfoliate while also keep them looking great and our nail and foot care is the best in the area!

As a professional nail salon, we offer beautiful gel manicure and other nail services. If you’re looking for a high quality professional nail salon, visit us at Luxury Nails and Spa in Vero Beach, FL. We are a full nail service that will deliver your perfect manicure and pedicure.